Haugland's Action Auction conducts farm and machinery, livestock, real estate as well as antique and collectibles, firearms, estate and fundraising sales with our friendly, dedicated staff, creating a fun and exciting atmosphere.


Our mission is to create an enjoyable, profitable auction with our family-based auction company providing auction sales, appraisal and consulting services. We strive to exceed our customers' expectations with our experience of more than 30 years.


Whether you are planning a retirement dispersal, dividing an estate or selling your collectibles, Haugland’s Action Auction works with all types of auctions, striving to market and create interest in the products you are selling with our appraisal service knowledge. Clerking and cashier services are provided, so after the sale the seller is paid, creating simplicity for the seller with proper records provided.


With an extensive mailing list to reach and target buyers in the United States and Canada, Haugland’s strives to make your auction as successful as possible. With advancements in technology and social media, the company’s marketing has broadened over the past 30 years, allowing thousands of prospective buyers to be reached for each sale. Marketing needs are professionally handled from start to finish.


Friendly, capable, and experienced staff add a knowledgable perspective to your auction needs, from an emotional estate sale to a cheerful charity benefit, and everything in between. With a wide-variety of expertise, Haugland’s staff have a great deal of knowledge in the products you are wanting to sell. The company works together with the seller to ensure everything has been prepared for sale day, so the day runs smoothly and successfully.


Haugland’s Action Auction conducts all types of auctions – farm, antique and collectibles, household, business, estates, livestock, real estate and charitable auctions, to name a few. Full-service sales include advertising, clerking and cashier services, licensed and bonded auctioneers, high quality sound systems and back-ups, and various equipment from flatbed trailers, mobile offices, toilets, and more. Appraisal services and on-staff insurance experts may also benefit your needs.

Our Staff

Bonded by true friendship, values and dedication to our customers, Haugland’s Action Auction considers all of our employees to be part of one big family. Several members of our staff have been in our company for 25–30 years, and for those that are younger, they have practically grown up at our auction sales. Our relationship with our staff is a true testament to our commitment in valuing and respecting people, something you will find while working with Haugland’s Action Auction as either a seller or buyer.
Owner, Auctioneer

Butch Haugland

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Owner, Clerk/Cashier

Diane Haugland

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Drew Haugland

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Amber Haugland

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