Meet our staff!

Ryder Phelan

Delivery Man, Box Runner, Bid Caller, Ringman

The youngest of our staff is Ryder Phelan. He has the most titles out of everyone including Item Delivery Man, Box Runner, Bid Caller and Ringman. Attending auctions since he was in diapers, the business seems to be in his blood. He already sets up auctions in the living room at home, practicing to be the the third generation of Haugland’s Action Auction. He sometimes has a hard time not bidding or begging for things selling such as toy tractors, cows or horses. He did buy a bred heifer this past year, so Ryder is definitely learning all aspects of the business. He is seven going on 40 and loves to visit with the old timers at auction sales. He loves his papa Butch and dreams of one day running the ranch!

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